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Door Jam Studios is a team of 5 Interactive Multimedia and Design students from Carleton University. Together we've created this.

Choleric Vision is a virtual reality horror game which invites you to search for secret documents hidden in the Selmont-West Asylum. As your pulse increases, so do your chances of being found. So remember: stay calm.

This game supports the Oculus Rift.

Dev Website: doorjamstudios.com

If you want to try your hand at the player heartbeat reading version of this game come see us at:

Minimum System Requirements [non-VR]:

  • Intel Core i5 or Greater
  • 8GB+ RAM
  • AMD Radeon HD 7800 / Nvidia GTX 670 or Greater

Minimum System Requirements [VR]:

  • Intel Core i5 or Greater
  • 8GB+ RAM
  • AMD Radeon RX 480 / NVIDIA GTX 970 or Greater

Install instructions

Just run the exe and enjoy!


Choleric Vision [Final Release] 733 MB
Version 1 Apr 13, 2017
Choleric Vision OST [Official Soundtrack] 18 MB


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I really liked a lot of the ideas that were in this game.  Towards the end through I didn't understand if I was doing the right thing or not though.  So I really don't know if I got the good ending or if there even is a good ending.  

This came up for my three randomly selected horror games! Check out my video on YouTube!

It was fun, especially the monster chase.

Gave it a go...

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This was a really short, fun, frustrating, enjoyable mess of things lol. I loved the atmosphere, and old doctor going into his rotting hospital for files but the creature he created is still lurking below, (and the wonderful old music) I think that could be a killer game if you had a bigger team and bigger budget. I had some hard times with inspecting/reading much of anything it all seemed very blurry and I know it's not an issue with my PC. Besides having some issues with the maps and papers, everything else was fun for a small quick game, I had to play this a few times to get to the ending because after you can't run from the monster you're basically f****d. SPEAKING OF THE MONSTER!!! He's beautiful and I want a cardboard cut out of him in my recording room ahahah I would love to put this around my home and see what kind of reactions I can get from people, he's like scary but also fun to laugh at and these hands man, they are just out there... literally, but it gave me a good laugh every time I looked down so I like them ;) 

Nice stuff, I enjoyed that. 

Is there a way to beat this? 

I've only gotten as far as retrieving the documents a few times now, and then I just wander around revisiting rooms looking for things to do until the monster eventually catches me...am I missing something, or is that last body storage room he teleports you to the last thing you can do?

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To date, the game has been beat by 12 people at our live demo booths. After entering the Ward the elevator will close and stop working, there is an emergency exit in the Ward that may be your best bet (provided you have what you came for). Teleportation is from being knocked out by the monster, presumably you are moved elsewhere after being unconscious for a short time. If you've reached the Morgue room with the single body bag and no doors, you've died and your journey ends. The game can end in either victory or defeat every time you start a new game but there are no checkpoints or load points (as the game is fairly short).

Sorry for the late reply, and best of luck! 

- Val (Project Lead)

Probably won't try again, it wasn't very fun nor scary, but congrats on the release and keep it up!

Thanks for posting your game! That creature certainly got us rattled! We had fun evading it and made a video of our experiences! Thanks again!

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Fantastic! We're glad to see you had fun with our "forever leg day skipping" monster! Thank you for posting!

- Val (Project Lead)

can this come in windows 32bit, its pretty unplayable for me

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We're sorry to hear that, currently we're working on builds for both x64 and x32 architectures before final release on April 8th but we cannot promise a full proper optimization for both for anything below the non-vr recommended specs. Unfortunately we've been a bit caught up in trying to prepare our next event on the same day. We recommend reducing the quality settings to fast or lower, or reducing the resolution for the time being until the new builds are made available here.

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When I click Download, nothing happens.

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Forgive us, it seems that itch has dropped our dropbox link and we're working to re-connect or contact admin to fix it, the install instructions include this link to a direct download.

Edit: The download button should work fine now!